Archives by Kristen Løken

0-arkivet-hvalfangstmuseet2Archives by Kristen Løken consists of an archive box and is 0.01 meters of shelving. The small archive contains an exciting material that tells posterity of «life lay south of folk custom» (Løken’s own words about Grytviken South Georgia) in the years 1912 to 1914 when he worked as a local priest and lecturer. The archive consists of personal correspondence, ie letters collection of 20 letters onion wrote home to family in Norway in these years. Of these eight letter preserved from 1912, seven letters from 1913 and five letters from 1914 also contains records a voice from Christmas Eve 1913, the year the new church was dedicated, some information about the church, and an eight-page final report (report ) to Kristiania bishop for the Church’s work among whalers at South Georgia. The Whaling Museum (then Sandefjord museums) received pastor Løken’s letter collection in the gift of the widow Signe onion in the mid-1980s. She wished that the material should be made available for research into the ecclesiastical activities on the island. Onion was also a keen photographer and along with archive followed the 134 photographs after their stay at South Georgia. Click here to go to the archive directory in the Archive Forums (open in new window). [Google translated]